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Who We Are

Welcome to Summit Reach Digital Marketing!


I am Briana Matejcik, the founder of Summit Reach Digital Marketing and a passionate digital marketer with a deep love for the great outdoors and a relentless drive to help businesses reach new heights online. My journey began with a vision to combine my expertise in marketing with my passion for all things nature, resulting in the creation of Summit Reach.

My core values form the bedrock of my business, guiding me as I navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Transparency, integrity, and genuine care for my clients are at the heart of everything I do. I believe in forming strong, lasting partnerships with my clients, understanding their unique goals, and crafting tailor-made strategies that deliver measurable results. What sets me apart is my approach to digital marketing - it's like hiking a new trail every time. Just as each mountain peak offers a different perspective, I analyze each business's needs and create custom solutions that elevate their online presence.


I invite you to join me on this digital adventure. Let's scale new heights together, reach the pinnacle of online success, and leave a lasting mark on the digital landscape. So, lace up your boots, and let's embark on this exciting journey together!

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Thank you for joining our adventure.

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